FEB UI Campus Ground, Depok
26 NOVEMBER 2017

mondo gascaro

Influenced by music from the Beatles, Antonio Carlos Jobim, old-Indonesian popular Classics of Ismail Marzuki, and Steely Dan, Mondo Gascaro is an Indonesian film score composer, music producer, and singer-songwriter.

Mondo Gascaro is a notable composer of various Indonesian films such as Berbagi Suami aka Love for Share (2006), Quickie Express (2007), The Forbidden Door (2008), and Hello Goodbye (2012). But to most people, he is widely known as the former member and one of the founders of the band SORE, from which he resigned in 2012, after releasing two highly acclaimed albums (Centralismo, 2005; Ports of Lima, 2008).

In addition to being a music composer for films, he also produced artists and bands under his music label, Ivy League Music; a label that was established in collaboration with his wife. Notable releases from the label include Payung Teduh – Dunia Batas (2012), Ayushita – Morning Sugar (2013) and Noh Salleh – Angin Kencang (2015)

By the end of 2014, Mondo embarked on his own solo project, releasing two singles “Saturday Light” and “Komorebi” in digital and 7” vinyl format. It was well received by the public and gained good appreciation from music enthusiasts and critics alike. Mondo later released his first full-length album, Rajakelana, and have recently won the Best Indonesian Album of 2016 (Metro News Editorial Picks)

Prepare yourself to be serenaded by Mondo's melodic tunes at The 40th Jazz Goes To Campus!

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