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26 NOVEMBER 2017

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Jazz Goes To Campus: The Beginning

Started as a section in the art exhibition held by the students council, Jazz Goes to Campus has grown to a scale that had never been imagined.

The idea of Jazz Goes to Campus was started by the plan of student council of FEUI to make an art exhibition that involved students’ creativity and ability. The creativity to perform or the ability to plan an event was welcomed by the student council. Then, there are three students named Candra Darusman, Wismoyo, and Adi Padmadi, thought that it would be great if the exhibition could provide an area to make a concert. A jazz concert. They could play the instruments, but they also invited some other jazz musicians. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be bigger than they thought at first.

The vision was simply to change the paradigm of jazz music: they wanted it to be more inclusive. At that time, only the elites and those who can afford going to hotels and bars are the one that able to enjoy jazz music. Therefore, jazz music was considered to be an exclusive genre for the one that can enjoy it had to pay at a high price.

The very first Jazz Goes to Campus was held in 1976 on a venue called Taman MIPA. Entertaining roughly 3000 audiences the majority of which is students from Universitas Indonesia, Jazz Goes to Campus has shown its potential since its first held. The very first line up included Indonesian jazz legend such as Ireng Maulana, Jeffrey Tahalele, Oele Pattiselano, Barry Pattiselano, Benny Mustafa, and Jacky Pattiselano.

Since then, Jazz Goes to Campus has been growing to be one of the jazz platform in Indonesia that has proven to give huge contribution in Indonesian jazz industry. We have invited Bob James, Nouvelle Vague, Depapepe, Dave Koz, and many other jazz musicians to play and to inspire jazz industry in Indonesia, and will still be committed to be the platform of growth in Indonesian jazz industry.

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